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:: Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade of Iran
:: Iran Microelectronics Initiative Council
:: Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran
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Pivots of activities
Microelectronic Research Center of Iran (MERDCI) plays the role of activation and motivation of business companies in the field of high priority technologies, orientation and efficient utilization of national resources for development and transfer of these technologies, and identification and selection of partners, contractors, and proper technology owners. Furthermore, activities such as supervision on the projects, development, and technology transfer, and policy making of domestic markets management for electronic and microelectronic products are among pivots of activities of MERDCI. Also, Microelectronic Research Center of Iran performs constructive communication with significant brands for partially value chain transportation to Iran and commercialization of R&D results.

MERDCI contains three research groups, namely VLSI, Analog, and DSP which their activities are briefly described here:
  VLSI Group
  Analog Group
  DSP Group
According to structural necessity of MERDCI, at least three application areas have been added to the pivots of activities of MERDCI. Other application areas will be added if they are needed.
  Microelectronic Market Group: A group for market study and development of domestic business of microelectronics and electronics.
  Microelectronic Industry Group: A group for microelectronic industries and development of knowledge-based companies.
  Microelectronic Technology Group: A group for administration of microelectronics domestic technology development.
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Latest News
Study on the facilities and activities of academic centers in the field of microelectronics.
Design and fabrication of a spectrum sensor for cognitive radio networks.
Design and fabrication of MEMS micro cantilevers.