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VLSI Group
The mission of MERDCI’s VLSI Group is to provide appropriate logic solutions for target applications through ASIC or FPGA design and implementation. The VLSI Group also provides IP cores for use in ASIC designs for different applications. The VLSI Group works in close cooperation with other R&D groups to provide needed functionality for different applications.
The VLSI Group’s application areas include:
Design of general blocks such as memories, computational circuits, and buffers in different levels from behavioral to transistor level.
Design and implementation of specific blocks for applications like signal processing, encoding, and decoding.
Design of processor cores like micro-controllers and micro-processors.
Implementation of digital circuits.
Design and implementation of System on Chips (SoC).
The VLSI Group attempts to find the most appropriate logic solutions for the particular application and usage in mind. It offers ASIC or FPGA solutions, using a variety of IP cores, to address the needs of the system under consideration.
The VLSI Group follows a top-down design methodology in which trade-offs between various performance requirements and cost considerations are evaluated before deciding on the architecture, partitioning scheme and implementation. Depending on potential market size, cost considerations and performance requirements, partitioning scheme may lead to implementations involving either a single system-on-a-chip ASIC or multiple FPGA plus a number of commercially available components.
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