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:: Iran Microelectronics Initiative Council
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:: Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran
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Microelectronic Research Center of Iran (MERDCI) subordinated to Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran (IDRO), started its activities based on Higher Education Expansion Council's authorization with three research groups on May 17, 2003.
Among previous projects of MERDCI we can mention:
Design of IAD system for providing internet at rural areas.
Production of two pilot set for fiber optic transmission environments with high capacity and optical access equipment.
Design of GSM simcard chip for cell phones.
Design of CODEC chip for voice communication lines (CODEC PCM).
Design of a multi-tariff smart power meter.
Design of HDLC protocol chip.
Design of a smart card chip.
Design of 6-bit phase shifter chip.
Microelectronics development strategic plan in collaboration with the vice presidency for Science and Technology
Study on the business of microelectronics knowledge-based companies in Iran.
All the above productions have been designed by the technical staff of MERDCI in Iran.
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Study on the facilities and activities of academic centers in the field of microelectronics.
Design and fabrication of a spectrum sensor for cognitive radio networks.
Design and fabrication of MEMS micro cantilevers.