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:: Iran Microelectronics Initiative Council
:: Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran
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Obligations and Services
By taking advantage of its faculty members and other experienced specialists, and also by having close links with prestigious universities in Iran and also having other scientific, research, industrial, and commercial links out of Iran, Microelectronic Research Center of Iran (MERDCI) is able to provide the following services and considers them as its obligations.
1.Investigation, identification, and assessment of national research needs within MERDCI's fields of activities.
2.Performing fundamental, functional, and developmental projects in order to realize MERDCI's goals.
3.Providing required equipment, proportionate with related research activities.
4.Research collaboration with national and international universities and research institutes in order to improve the quality of research activities within the scope of MERDCI's targets.
5.Offer professional, consulting, and informing services to natural and legal persons based on previous scientific and research results.
6.Holding short term and higher education courses, focused on the MERDCI's professional fields.
7.Study, research, and collaboration in industrial and knowledge-based companies development projects, technology transfer, and technical knowledge sales in the field of electronic and microelectronic.
8.Publishing journals, scientific books, training pamphlets, in addition to appropriate computer programs and software development according to the relevant criteria and regulations.
9.Holding scientific conferences and representing research achievements in the form of training workshops with respect to criteria and regulations.
10.Effort to develop national capability in designing and manufacturing electronic and microelectronic products by technology management, research, education, and counseling, partnership in establishment and development of industrial and academic clusters and networks, beside national, regional, and global informing.
11.Participation and cooperation with policy institutions and supervisory planning in science and technology in the fields of activity of MERDCI.
12.Commercialization of research achievements and technology transfer in the fields of high-tech sciences and venture capital with private sector partners by establishing a joint company with respect to relevant criteria and regulations with the support of Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran (IDRO).
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