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Nanofabrication Challenges: 90 nm & Beyond
About The Workshop:
Demand for high performance electronic devices has pulled the semiconductors micro technology to the nano-world. How the Silicon technology will meet the challenge of nanofabrication beyond 90nm?
The topics included in the workshop are: A general background lecture on advanced Nanotechnology, transistor scaling challenges for 90nm process technology development, key process technologies for 65nm, 45nm, and beyond 45 nm.

About The Workshop:
The celebrated Si technology has known a virtually one dimensional path of development. Miniaturization: This dramatic evolution has both led us to the threshold of nanotechnology and at the same time brought about doubts regarding future development. Are we pursuing the remaining degrees of freedom or false hopes for “life after the end of miniaturization?” This is the nano-millennium.

About the Speakers:
• Amir Farajian
Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University, Japan

• Behzad Rajaei Salmassi
Laboratory of High-Frequency Technology & Components, Delft University, the Netherlands
First Workshop on Automotive Electrical & Electronic Systems: Electronic Hybrid Electronic & Fuel Cell Vehicles, Power Electronics & Motor Drivers Applications & NGV, Electronics  Approach
About The Workshop:
Short Course Titled “Electric Hybrid Electric, and Fuel Cell Vehicles: Power Electronics and Motor Drives Applications” Presented by Professor All Emadi, IIIionois institute of Technology, Chicago, USA
Integrated Power Electronics and Digital Control, Professor Ali Emadi, IIIinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA
Novel Digital Control Technology for Advanced Electric Motor Drives, Professor Ali Emadi, IIIinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA
Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles (Electronic Components Approach):
Different Generations of Electronic Conversion Kits, Change over Switches, Various Timing Advances, Different Kinds of Emulations, Presented By Seyyed Morteza Kashfi, MSc in Electronic Engineering, Sharif University of Technology.
About the Speakers:
• Ali Emadi received the PhD degree (2000) in electrical engineering from Texas A&M University.
He is also the founder, director, and chairman of the board of the Industry/Multi-University Consortium on Advanced Automotive systems (IMCAAS)
He is an Associate Editor of the IEEE Trans. On Vehicular Technology, and IEEE trans. On Industrial Electronics.
He was the General Chair of thr 2005 IEEE Vehicle power and propulsion and SAE Future Transportation Technology Joint Conference.
He is the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions.
• S. Morteza Kashfi
He is the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions
Applications Engineer Manager, EMAD SEMICON CO.
Member of Deviation Detector System Design Team in Microelectronics Lab, Sharif University of Technology
R&D Manager, Kian Nirou Co, Tehran, Iran
Vice President of Engineering, AED
Second Workshop on Automotive Electrical & Electronic Systems: Architecture of ECU, Vehicle Data Bus, Software Development Process and Tools in Automotive, Power Train and EMS

First Workshop on Digital IC Design Mythology
Top down design methodologies for ASIC X FPGA
• Design Entry and Behavioral analysis
• RTL Design and Analysis
• Logic Synthesis and analysis
About The Workshop :
Short course titled “Digital IC Design Methodology” presented by Dr. Mohammad Mortazavi and Dr. Bijan Alizadeh. This workshop is an overview to current methodologies for design of digital Integrated Circuits (IC). We will present two top down methodologies: one based on Field Programmable Gade Array design entry and planning, to the complete tape-out of the IC.
These Flows are divided info four intermediate steps:
• Design Entry and Behavioral Analysis
• RTL Design and Analysis
• Logic Synthesis and Analysis
• physical (Layout) Design and Analysis
About the Speakers:
• Mohammad Mortazavi received the BS, MS, and PhD degrees from University of New York, Binghamton, in 1989, and 1995, respectively. He has over 11 years of industrial experience in Electronic Design Automation (EDA). He was with Tera Systems Inc. from 2005 to 2006. He worked as of Consulting Staff at Cadence from 1995 to 2005. He is currently the director of EDA group in MERDCI. He has authored or coauthored more than 10 papers in Conferences related to VLSI CAD and a holder of three US patents in the Static Timing area.
• Bijan Alizadeh received the BS, MS, and PhD degrees from Tehran University, in, 1374, 1377, and 1383, respectively. He has many years of industrial experience in Electronic Design Automation (EDA). He was with Emad Semiconductor from 1377 to 1383. He is currently a member of VLSI Digital Design & EDA group in MERDCI and also teaches at Sharif University of Technology. He has authored or coauthored many 13 papers in Journal & Conferences related to VLSI CAD and Verification.
Algorithmic & Economic Aspects of 

Networking Systems & the Internet

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